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    Larger Battery Cables

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    Larger Battery Cables Empty Larger Battery Cables

    Post  Myloth Sun Apr 26, 2015 4:35 pm

    This topic is about upgrading to larger battery cables the factory cable is this here.

    This 4 gauge Cable the positive  cable I replaced mine with is pictured here next to the original negative cable.

    The picture doesn't do the 2/0 justice it's easily more than twice the wire than the 4 gauge.

    Larger Battery Cables Th_20150426_153516

    Much larger and more robust current capacity than stock. Now if you are all stock with no added electronics

    then you would be ok with the above GM cable. However if you are like me and have replaced every light,

    upgraded your headlights to Xenon, run at least two large audio power amps and have a DVD deck then you

    might want to consider a larger cable. The above upgraded cable I used is 2/0 , I believe it is the perfect

    choice for a car as it's big but not too big. The pictures may give you and idea but this cable is heavy and

    not as easy to work with as factory 4 gauge. I can't imagine using 4/0 Cable as when I terminated the 2/0

    I had to use this a old Brake Flarer to get a proper crimp like in the 2nd ,3rd & 4th picture below.

    I put the connector in the flarer and then the flarer in the vise and squeeeezed(Hard!).

    Battery crimpers for this size wire get quite expensive they sell a cheap one you hit with a hammer

    but I'd recommend an old Flarer anyday.

    Larger Battery Cables Th_20150425_103206

    Larger Battery Cables Th_20150425_103222

    Larger Battery Cables Th_20150425_103218

    Larger Battery Cables Th_20150426_132748

    Not those terminations are great for the engine negative and the starter positive but I ran into an issue with

    my choice of battery terminals. The picture here shows the problem it's messy ,unprofessional and will lead

    to oxidation soon.

    Larger Battery Cables Th_20150425_153846

    The solution terminate the end of the cables to fit the terminals, sounds easy right. Well

    not so easy the holes fit maybe 2 gauge wire what to do with 2/0 wire? I split the end of the wire

    into two ends since there are 2 holes for 2 gauge wire.

    I actually had to file some to fit so they'd look like this on the right rather than the originals on the left.

    Larger Battery Cables Th_20150426_125225

    The termination with a little hose came out like this.

    Larger Battery Cables Th_20150426_134528

    And the battery terminals like this here.

    Larger Battery Cables Th_20150426_142927

    Another reason not to recommend 4/0 (maybe 3/0) is  that fitting the positive cable next to the motor and

    onto  the starter connection at 2/0 the cable has flex to some degree at 4/0 probably not enough but you

    could try it if you want to get crazy.

    The total cost was about 57 dollars but I had the little connectors everything else I bought off ebay

    including the cable for about 40 7' positive (way too much 5' will do ) and 7' negative (4' here )

    and the gold terminals for 12 I believe. So you could do it for under 75 without searching for the best deal

    like I do lol. Is it worth it? Yes I'd say before the starter spun quick now it just spins .. no delay or anything

    it just spins, also all my lights seem brighter maybe it's me but I don't think so. I also should mention

    you could get side terminals if you wanted they are available in 2/0 I chose top post as these terminals

    allow extra wires to be added or removed easily . A little Vaseline or grease will keep any terminal clean.

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