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GM B-Body Forum, 77-79 Caprice/Impala Forum

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GM B-Body Forum, 77-79 Caprice/Impala Forum

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GM B-Body Forum, 77-79 Caprice/Impala Forum

A forum for the owners and enthusiasts of General Motors B-Bodies from 1977-1990, but dedicated to the owners of 1977-1979 Impalas and Caprices. Join up now!

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    79 Olds delta88

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    79 Olds delta88 Empty 79 Olds delta88

    Post  Oldsragger Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:51 am

    Hello, im 33yr old and here is a little story of my car and what i have done for now..

    *Rescue it from a friend maybe 5 years ago.
    *Have been 12 owners before me.
    *Original royale blue metallic,have been lightblue,black matt, and now, rusty red..  
    *When i got it home i rebuild the 800cfm q-jet carb,because it was full of dirt,rebuild the gastank.
    *Fixed up the rust with much welding around,change chassis parts and with upgrades,built crossmember for dual exhaust,  swapped out the small v8 with a rebuilded and upgraded bb engine.

    *Now the th350 tranny is dead,  rebuilding a th375 tranny (basic a th400) but with 350 outputshaft.
    *8x15 4"bs front with 245/60.  and Rear 10x15" rebuild from 4 to 5"bs to get the 295/50 tires inside the fender.
    *New controllarms in front, polyrethan bushings around.
    *New lower controllarms rear,swapped out the old upgraded controllarms with homemade POM bushings and welded brackets ,same with upper arms, and with some gbody polyrethan axlehousing bushings.
    *I want to replace the body/frame bushings but cant find anything yet.
    *Swapped out the front spindels with a Chevy station wagon and 1LE Brakediscs from camaro to keep the 4x4,75" pattern..
    *Replaced rearbumper with a rebuild one.
    *New doorseals for window seal
    *New HD frontsprings
    *Right now im building a Th tranny stand.

    much more to write and have many pictures about what have happend to the car but it is a beginning..Hope the pictures work.

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    Post  GM B-Body Forum Fri Mar 02, 2018 2:52 pm

    Nice man! I love it, keep us updated as you go along! Welcome to the forum.

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